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family stressed to family best

Move from stress

the basis of relationships

You need to know yourself to grow yourself. It starts with YOU

qur'an arabic tutor

Totally booked at the moment but join the waitlist. Available as group or one-on-one

Parenting with P.e.a.c.e

The PEACE process 

Upcoming Courses

I am so excited about these. Join the waitlist to know when it launches and maybe get a discount code….

The full cup

No more running on empty. Let’s commit to filling our cup so our loved ones can get the best of us and not the rest of us.

Heart recovery

A journaling course

Faith Forward

You deserve a personal relationship with the Qur’an

I can also offer any of these courses to a group. Group work embraces connection and brings people together with a common goal of becoming their best self. Bringing a nurturing space that is soul-full and wholehearted is at the centre of my workshops. It is truly inspiring and beautiful to see. If you would like me to teach a group, then just send me an email – 

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