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Throughout history, we can clearly see that the pattern of four primary behaviors has been talked about; but it wasn’t until Dr. William Marston developed his DISC theory that the formation of this into a way to recognize behavioral patterns began to emerge in a way that was easy to understand.

 Our personality and behavior are shaped from three main areas:

 Heredity– From birth, there are distinct patterns of behavior.

Environment– Our environment will impact our style. In fact, life experiences, especially emotionally-charged ones in our developmental years, can have a big impact on our personality style.

Role Models – There are role models in our lives who teach us what is valuable, or who may even reward us for certain behaviors in order to reinforce those behaviors within us. 

 Each of these three factors contribute to the makeup of who we are!

 Using the framework of DISC, we can begin to identify some of these patterns so that we then know what to expect. If we know what to expect, we can use the right strategy to bring our best to our work and relationships.

The Maxwell DISC assessments and reports raises your awareness of individuals by helping you understand:

  • Your DISC communication style (Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator)
  • The communication style of others and how to connect to them
  • The ideal environment where you can bring their best forward
  • Your strengths in 7 key areas of influence – Power DISC
  • And how you can grow into your potential


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Every Package Includes:

  • The Assessment
  • Your personalized report
  • A 90 minutes one-on-one debrief


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Frequently asked

What do the letters of DISC stand for?

DISC is an acronym standing for the four personality styles that compose the DISC Personality System. Everyone’s personality is composed out of some combination of these four styles:

D = Dominance

I = Influence

S = Steadiness

C = Compliance


What are the next steps?

After payment is received, you will receive an email with instructions and a key code. You register and take the assessment and once your report is generated, we schedule a 90 minutes session for the debrief. 

Do you offer for groups?

Yes. I also offer workshops and lunch and learns for work teams, couples and family. Please email hello@iamaishaahmed.com for special group package rates.

How long does a DISC assessment usually take to complete?

On average, it takes about 10-15 minutes to complete an online DISC assessment test. 


Is the DISC assessment valid?

The DISC profile is highly valid. Validity indicates whether the test measures precisely what it is supposed to measure. Reliability means whether it measures it consistently. Reliability in the DISC test is much more challenging to measure since personality changes over time and differs from one environment to another. However, the results are consistent when taken within the same period and when focusing on the same environment. 

Which do I take?

Read the details above and note that some reports are merged in others. So an enterpreneur or aspiring enterpreneur is better off taking the enterpreneur assessment. Note that the keycodes are not interchangeable.

Aishatu Nana Ahmed

Aishatu Nana Ahmed

Lead Coach

Aisha Nana Ahmed is a certified coach and DISC consultant with the John Maxwell Team. 

What others are saying about DISC

Oh wow! If everyone in the world could do DISC, then the world will be a better place.

Ms. Hay

You know how you talk about being “A”-ware in order to “BE”-ware.

Well DISC has made me more self aware, self accepting and generally more self loving. Thanks to the insight from DISC, I am learning to be kinder to myself, to not be so self-critical, to be more appreciating, loving and understanding of myself and others.

I am learning to hold space for people just as they are. DISC has taught me how to communicate with different types of people. I no longer see our differences as these huge walls of steel that are impenetrable, I now know how to maneuver my way around them.

Overall DISC has helped mend the relationship with myself and with others and I am grateful for that. Alhamdulillāh.

Ms. Hafsa

I’ve been loving my post DISCovered self. The power of knowing has made me really conscious of those tiny overlooked ‘personality traits’ (I’ve been saying this to anyone with ears by the way). At first i was worried that it would be an excuse to be stuck in my ways but then i realized that it makes me identify the things i need to work on (responsibility).
I’m so glad i took the leap and did this and that you accommodated me. Thank you.

Ms. Hauwa H.

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