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The Nurtured Mama

You know before the course I kept feeling like a bad parent and that I needed to resign from my 8-6 job so i can stay at home and be a better parent to my kids, you told me I didn’t need to resign to be a better parent, and in just 5 weeks I have grown, I have a better connection with my children, I have stopped hitting my kids, I have reduced shouting, I treat my kids with soooo much respect and they are learning to treat me and their dad the same way. I feel soo connected to them, there is more love and understanding in my home, more calmness. I have learnt how to be calm during a tantrum and how to address the issues afterwards, I have learnt to respect their feelings and emotions and validate them, no shaming, no mockery. I have learnt to stand in full self-responsibility, as the parent in the family, and reject blaming my children for my struggles and challenges in parenthood, I have learnt to be as present as possible to my kids and this has made them open up to me, I don’t shut them up anymore I listen attentively this has made them to do the same to me when I am speaking to them. There are no “good” or “bad” feelings, for ourselves or our children, I make space for all feelings to be felt and let them pass. Most importantly I know now that my children are having a hard time, not trying to give me a hard time, so I try to be their calm.

Nafisa S.

About The Nurtured Mama

This course is making see the bones in children I’m even using it to analyse my younger siblings, using it to correct my older ones with children ….telling them not to shame them, to validate and connect instead. When the nurtured mama came up, I was literally jumping, then the cost came, and I was like “toh an zo wurin”, I didn’t have a dime, but by Allah’s grace and mercy, Ar-Razzaq provided. 

Ruqayya M.

About The Nurtured Mama

I was skeptical before I signed up for nurtured mama, if i’m being honest, it was because of the money 🤣. when i got the outline, i knew i needed it. I was in the process of “nurturing” myself to become a better human and consequently a better mother. I really didn’t think it was “that deep” until we started. I thought it would be a lot of scientific jargon about how the child’s brain develops but this course has been more about me, my healing and growth, than anything. I have unearthed and cried so much. I’ve been guided to peeling back the layers and doing deep work, checking my trauma and acknowledging it, rewriting it so that I can SHOW UP with full presence for my daughter. I have learnt so much about connection and what it means to hold space for my daughter, and now I SEE HER. beyond her tantrums and what may seem like defiance, I SEE HER. one of the most profound lessons for me was in finding safety and security with myself, in order to offer that to my daughter. And though that has been a work in progress, I’m finding calm where once there was absolute CHAOS. I can feel myself feeling more at home with myself, attune to myself and giving off some of that calm to my spouse as well. In summary, Nurtured mama has really done the work. I’ve been nurtured. I feel more confident in parenting my daughter now and I’ve lost the pressure to do things perfectly. I’m embracing imperfect parenting and focusing on SHOWING UP, BEING PRESENT and SEEING/VALIDATING ALL OF MY DAUGHTER..

Fatimah M.

For Nurtured Mama


Oh wow! If everyone in the world could do DISC, then the world will be a better place.

Ms. Hay

You know how you talk about being “A”-ware in order to “BE”-ware.

Well DISC has made me more self aware, self accepting and generally more self loving. Thanks to the insight from DISC, I am learning to be kinder to myself, to not be so self-critical, to be more appreciating, loving and understanding of myself and others.

I am learning to hold space for people just as they are. DISC has taught me how to communicate with different types of people. I no longer see our differences as these huge walls of steel that are impenetrable, I now know how to maneuver my way around them.

Overall DISC has helped mend the relationship with myself and with others and I am grateful for that. Alhamdulillāh.

Ms. Hafsa

I’ve been loving my post DISCovered self. The power of knowing has made me really conscious of those tiny overlooked ‘personality traits’ (I’ve been saying this to anyone with ears by the way). At first i was worried that it would be an excuse to be stuck in my ways but then i realized that it makes me identify the things i need to work on (responsibility).
I’m so glad i took the leap and did this and that you accommodated me. Thank you.

Ms. Hauwa H.

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