Hello, I’m aisha 

A parent coach

I empower intentional imperfect parents who face chaos, clutter and conflict with tools to help them get to ‘I have got this’ and feel good about how they got there.

The nurtured mama

Parenthood is messy! We enter this journey with ideals and expectations of who we want to be as parents, then beat ourselves up over the very same unrealistic expectations when we fall short. Struggling with our children can lead to feelings of guilt and regret that we’re just not doing a good job as a parent. 

The problem is, and research now proves, the authoritative model of parenting we inherited doesn’t work. It creates conflict, frustration, and endless power struggles that leave us feeling guilty, exhausted, and disconnected from our children. 

I believe that the real issue is that we were not taught how to be the kind of parents we want to be, so in times of conflict, we slip into ingrained childhood patterns -rooted in anger, shame, threats, punishments and bribes -not because we want to, but simply because we don’t know what else to do.


A 12-week course about you making profound shifts in your parenting and family relationships. You will receive a deep, transformational experience as a parent as you let go of your residual feelings and unconscious belief patterns lingering from your childhood and the way you were parented.

This program is for parents, grandparents, caregivers or people who work with children…

  • who are seeking support to parent with more peace, ease, connection and joy.

  • who want to deepen their awareness of themselves, nurture more self-compassion, and learn how to meet their own needs so they are better able to meet their child’s needs on a daily basis.

  • who want to nurture empathy and self-compassion so that they can model empathy for their children’s feelings and needs.

  • who are desiring to parent in a more conscious and peaceful way but need more support in figuring out how to implement peaceful parenting practices.

  • who realize that “conventional parenting” motivates children through fear and want to motivate their children through love and connection

  • who want to stop using time-outs, consequences, or punishments as means to discipline their child – and find ways to handle difficult situations without creating separation or undermining their connection with their children.

  • who want to learn how to accept their child’s big emotions and learn ways to hold space for their child to express themselves no matter how uncomfortable it may be.


Week 1 - Welcome and Orientation

Welcome and Orientation

Week 2: Setting Your Intentions as an Empowered Parent

Grounding into your strengths as a parent

Support for inner and outer resourcing

How to set your intentions as an empowered parent


Week 3: The Ten Core Pillars of Empowered Parenting

What dedication means as an Empowered Parent – The ten guiding principles of whole family empowerment. The Power-Over and Power-Under  parenting paradigm and the most common obstacles that keep parents from embracing Empowered Parenting

Week 4: Making Sense of Attachment Science

A secure attachment and other attachment styles. How to earn a secure attachment within yourself so you can offer it to your children…

Week 5: Making Sense of Nervous System Science

How to support our children through sensory overload back into safety, how to track your nervous system thermometer and return to calm, the art of rupture and repair…

Week 6: Making Sense of Mindsight and Brain Science

What mindsight is and how to use it, the neurology of empathy and compassion, how to choosing curiosity over judgment, brain development for children birth-age 30, understanding our subconscious mind and our belief system, Creating thoughts that expand you, root you, and connect you to self and compassion


Week 7: Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence, how we can support our children’s emotional development, “Permission to FEEL”, Non-verbal self-empathy…

Week 8: Empowered Conversations

Your generational patterns around the experience and expression of anger and  voice and expression, Your belief system around voice, expression, and feelings plus need, A ten-step process of empowered conversation. Nonviolent conversation.


Week 9: The PEACE Process

The 5 step PEACE process

Week 10: Anger and Healthy Aggression

Generational patterns around anger and aggression, How to move through anger in your body in a way that is harmless, How to practice, and model, anger resolution for your child, How to hold space for and support your child’s anger processing…

Week 11: The Power of Play and Storytelling

The twelve play languages, the four temperaments, barriers that keep parents from playfulness, healing stories for stressed behavior, reclaim play, games for aggression, anger, and anxiety and even more games.

Week 12: Your Personal Transformation

The beginning of YOU


Active Clients

How It Works

When you register in the waitlist, I will reach out to book a call with you, we’ll sit down together and talk so I can get a sense of what’s going on for you and your family and where I can offer support.

I’ll explain my approach and the options we have for working together. You can ask any questions you have and see what type of support would be the best fit for your life and schedule.

If it feels right to you, we can book our first session and get started.  If it’s not a good fit, I will do my best to offer alternative resources or suggestions for support, wherever possible. There’s no pressure of any kind, simply an opportunity to see if we are a good fit to work together. 

Frequently Asked


12 weeks is a long time?

I totally understand. After all, I run my business while raising two children. It is a lot of work! That’s why I’ve designed this program to help you experience the entirety of the transformation in just 2-3 hours a week.

Weekly Training – These are pre- recorded so you can learn the Empowered Parenting Process to navigate parenthood without stress or violence, at your own pace.

Play Work – A workbook to help you implement what you’ve learned in practical ways so you can see immediate progress as you go through the program.
Live coaching calls – You get 1 hour of private access to me, to ask specific questions, get insights on your struggles and guidance on your specific circumstances.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes there is. I am open to discussing this on our initial call. 


I understand how hard it is to ask for help as a parent. Which is why when you contact me, you will be met with understanding, a non-judgemental openness and a supportive, personalized, effective plan that I will personally guide you through every step of the way.

Aisha (UmmBilal) Ahmed

Aisha (UmmBilal) Ahmed

Lead coach

I am committed to helping you

be grounded in your strength as a parent – No matter who you are and what you have done, you, are the best parent for your child. Allah does not make mistakes.

Create a deeper compassion for yourself, and for your child(ren)

Help you  create your core values and respectfully hold others to them.

Release beliefs that no longer serve you or your children.

Create an environment of peace, acceptance and unconditional love.

Guide you to support your child(ren) even in chaotic moments.

Give yourself the permission to feel all the feelings, but in a way that empowers you not shames you

And so I extend this invitation to you…

All children deserve to be guided and loved by the best version of ourselves, as parents. I believe investing in our parenting is the single greatest, far-reaching gift we can give our children.

Now, you might be tempted to put this off for later.

 This program will always be here, exactly where you left it.

Nothing will change (except maybe the price)

But…is that what you truly want?
You’ll continue to come home to a whirlwind of yelling, crying and stress.

Your child(ren) will continue to grow in an environment that feels misaligned with your values, that feels disconnected.
And each day that passes could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

So if you want to end the yelling and conflict, if you want to create a happy
childhood for your little ones

If you want to be intentional during this special time in their life…

Then join me let’s start to grow your parenting story.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"You know before the course I kept feeling like a bad parent and that I needed to resign from my 8-6 job so i can stay at home and be a better parent to my kids, you told me I didn't need to resign to be a better parent, and in just 5 weeks I have grown, I have a better connection with my children, I have stopped hitting my kids, I have reduced shouting, I treat my kids with soooo much respect and they are learning to treat me and their dad the same way. I feel soo connected to them, there is more love and understanding in my home, more calmness. I have learnt how to be calm during a tantrum and how to address the issues afterwards, I have learnt to respect their feelings and emotions and validate them, no shaming, no mockery. I have learnt to stand in full self-responsibility, as the parent in the family, and reject blaming my children for my struggles and challenges in parenthood, I have learnt to be as present as possible to my kids and this has made them open up to me, I don't shut them up anymore I listen attentively this has made them to do the same to me when I am speaking to them. There are no “good” or “bad” feelings, for ourselves or our children, I make space for all feelings to be felt and let them pass. Most importantly I know now that my children are having a hard time, not trying to give me a hard time, so I try to be their calm.

Nafisa S., Banker

This course is making see the bones in children I’m even using it to analyse my younger siblings, using it to correct my older ones with children ....telling them not to shame them, to validate and connect instead. When the nurtured mama came up, I was literally jumping, then the cost came, and I was like “toh an zo wurin”, I didn’t have a dime, but by Allah's grace and mercy, Ar-Razzaq provided.

Ruqayya M, Doctor

I was skeptical before I signed up for nurtured mama, if i’m being honest, it was because of the money 🤣. when i got the outline, i knew i needed it. I was in the process of “nurturing” myself to become a better human and consequently a better mother. I really didn’t think it was “that deep” until we started. I thought it would be a lot of scientific jargon about how the child’s brain develops but this course has been more about me, my healing and growth, than anything. I have unearthed and cried so much. I've been guided to peeling back the layers and doing deep work, checking my trauma and acknowledging it, rewriting it so that I can SHOW UP with full presence for my daughter. I have learnt so much about connection and what it means to hold space for my daughter, and now I SEE HER. beyond her tantrums and what may seem like defiance, I SEE HER. one of the most profound lessons for me was in finding safety and security with myself, in order to offer that to my daughter. And though that has been a work in progress, I’m finding calm where once there was absolute CHAOS. I can feel myself feeling more at home with myself, attune to myself and giving off some of that calm to my spouse as well. In summary, Nurtured mama has really done the work. I’ve been nurtured. I feel more confident in parenting my daughter now and I’ve lost the pressure to do things perfectly. I’m embracing imperfect parenting and focusing on SHOWING UP, BEING PRESENT and SEEING/VALIDATING ALL OF MY DAUGHTER..

Fatimah M., Productivity Coach 

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