Women of Tadabbur

Calling all Muslim women who want a revolutionary change of self, soul and community

It is hard trying to balance Dunya and Akhira. There is so much we get lost doing and then the really important things get sidelined.

Imagine connecting with the Qur’an with less stress, feeling less overwhelmed and having regular accountability


If you experience the Qur’an with your heart, you will find yourself changing. That change will start small and gradually ripple outwards until it reaches every aspect of your life. That is because the Qur’an secretly and silently refines you, as long as you’re in its company.

[Dr Ahmed Eissa Al-Ma’sarawi]

Tell me, if this is you?

Are you struggling to find a supportive and meaningful way to study the Qur’an?

Do you wish you had a community of like-minded women to discuss and reflect on its teachings with?

You know that you need and deserve to do more in your relationship with the Qur’an

You go to bed deciding that you are going to do better tomorrow

You lie in bed scrolling and you find all the reminders and all the inspiration, you feel it but then….

Nothing happens.

You wait for the feeling of connection with Allah

You decide you need to find time to take a course

You cannot find the course and sometimes cannot find the time either

And then still, Nothing happens.

You go to bed and pray to Allah ﷻ to keep you alive till tomorrow so you can do better…

And then this repeats…

We have a solution for you: “Women of Tadabbur”!

Our community is dedicated to helping women deepen their understanding of Islam through thoughtful reflection on the Qur’an.

What if you had…


Regular reflection sessions with Ayahs from the Qur’an as the basis of the conversation.

A group of sisters rooting for you and making dua for you

A chance to prioritize your spiritual development

A safe non-judgemental space to thrive and grow


WOT is a membership for Muslim women seeking for ongoing inspiration, motivation, knowledge that actually transforms them and connection to Allah ﷻ

A Beautiful Membership for Muslim Women to Reflect, Connect, and Grow

Welcome to Women of Tadabbur, an empowering community of Muslim women seeking to deepen their connection with the Qur’an. If you’re eager to explore the profound wisdom and guidance within its verses, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey.


Our Immediate Objective

There is so much happening – whether it is the chaos, anxiety or the hustle and they keep moving us from Allah and the Qur’an which is our epicentre. Our goal is to reconnect with our epicentre. 


Our Mid-term Objective

To build a community of and for women who connect their faith to life and choose Islam every day.


Our Ultimate Objective

To gain the pleasure of Allah ﷻ !

Core Features

Journaling resources that reflect the theme of the month

And you get access to all available resources – when you join today!

Accountability to see you put those action plans into action and start living the Qur'an

Regular challenges with loads of prices to be won

Virtual hangouts and masterminds

These will cut across topics from the theme of that month, personal development and spiritual development

A community of sisters

A super-secret Telegram group to connect with other sisters

Here is what people are saying about Women of Tadabbur!

Somehow I had forgotten to ‘get back to neutral’ and reconnect with my core – my faith, Islam! I struggle but Alhamdulillah! Jazakillahu Khair for the push. May Allah ﷻ make it easy for us. Baby steps in Sha’a Allah. I am eternally grateful.


Alhamdulillah! It is a beautiful experience being part of this remarkable journey so far. I must confess, I am enjoying the company, learning more and developing the art of journaling. Jazakillahu Khair for this beautiful opportunity.

Ameenah A

Been catching up on Women of Tadabbur and loving it. You put in so much effort.  Ma Sha’a Allah!

Aisha D

My first online programme and the one I will never regret. I have been yearning on how to move closer to my Rabb, this programme made it easier. It makes it achievable for me. I like the workbook especially, how it comes with the Ayahs for the theme of the month and everything is simplified. No matter the stage of your spirituality, one can always pick herself up again if she gives this programme the time it needs.

Bilkisu P

 Let’s Grow Together – In Life and Faith!

Embrace Personal Development through the Qur’an.

At Women of Tadabbur, we believe that true love for the Qur’an goes beyond mere recitation. We emphasize personal growth through reflection and practical application of the Qur’an’s teachings in our daily lives. Through community and supportive discussions, you’ll discover how the Qur’an can empower you, inspiring positive change within yourself and your immediate community

Give the gift of community or sponsor a sister

You can give a gift to your loved one to join the community or sponsor a sister who would love to join but cannot afford it. Please email wot@iamaishaahmed.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a scholar, can I join?

And you do not need to be to take from the Qur’an. To be honest, no one here is. You can benefit even if you cannot read the Qur’an. There is space for you.

What makes Women of Tadabbur different from all other courses and memberships?

WoT is not a course or like any other membership. It is home, family. A place to feel safe and grow in spirituality and personal development. A community that will meet you where you are at and support you to bloom. We will hold you accountable and make du’a for you. And you do not have to do everything but we have something for everyone. 

How much does it cost to be a member?

Becoming a member gives you access to our online portal and all our present and future resources as well as our community.  And right now, you can get all of these for N6000 per month when billed annually.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes! and no hard feelings too. You just need to cancel in the invoice you received after your payment. You would not want to though because you will feel the love In sha’a Allah!

What happens when I cancel?

I am big on feedback so I hope you can share why but if not, as I said, no hard feelings. You will lose access to all the member benefits.

Can I join later?

Yes in Sha’a Allah! You can always join back whenever WoT is open but it will be at a new price (the value will always be increasing). And I am not sure when that will be as we do want to regularly take out time to focus on our current members. So we say, jump in now. Take a chance on yourself.

Have more questions?

Send an email to…


Meet the team

Aisha Ahmed – Life Coach, Founder and Chief Tadabbur Officer of WOT

Aisha Ahmed is dedicated to creating bridges and legacies and empowering women to build better individuals and families. She is big on faith, relationships and is stationery-obsessed.  Through WOT, Aisha has created a space where women of faith can feel supported and grow in all areas of their lives. She is a twin mom and loves learning.

Fatimah Maitambari – Accountability Coach

Fatimah Maitambari is a pharmacist and community builder. She is passionate about all women and all the seasons of life they go through. She is an avid journaler, loves to travel and enjoys good food. She is crazy about cars and you need to hear her talk about Jannah. She thinks and dreams in Hausa language. She also loves working with Muslim youth. In her spare time, she is signing up for courses or watching vlogs. She is married with a beautiful daughter and cannot believe how many tantrums she has survived yet.

Hafsa yakubu – Community manager

Hafsa Yakubu likes to describe herself as a multi-passionate person. She is a UX designer in training, with a love for words and aspires to write about Allah someday.
She love books and the Qur’an is her favorite one. She is on journey to learn it and hope to one day teach it and help others fall in love with it.


There are no refunds, exchanges, or holds on your membership.

You may cancel your membership by providing 10 days prior written notice from the end of your term. We reserve the right to terminate your membership at any time during the term and for any reason, including without limitation any breach by the member of the terms of the contract agreement.

We are unable to refund you if you forgot to cancel your membership before your term renewed.

Reasonable efforts have been made to accurately represent this product & service and its potential.

You are not just instantly going to grow in faith just by signing up. You also have to show up (for a minimum of 3 months in my opinion)

There are many factors which are important in determining your actual results and there are no guarantees that you will achieve results similar to ours or anyone else’s.

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