Peace and Security – What does it even mean?

Peace and Security – What does it even mean?

I struggled finding sleep last night. I decided it was because I was wearing only a night shirt and so finally got up at 1am to wear trousers. This happens regularly to me but mostly on Fridays. I didn’t understand why I struggled on this Saturday night.

Abu Agents (lit. Father of Agents aka My husband) travelled most of the week and had just returned yesterday. I did’nt struggle as much when he was away, shouldn’t his presence bring a feeling of ease. Why wasn’t this the case?

Earlier in the day, I was working with a client on her core values and we did talk about security, stability and safety and after the call I sat with what those values meant to me.

To be honest, since we were awakened at 2am when a group of strange men came into our house and threatened us and stole from us, it gave the word ‘peace’ and ‘security’ a whole new meaning. It also made me realize blessings that I take for granted.

Innocence and even ignorance – I mean, we hear that the world is a dangerous place but you do not know what that means per say, you are almost ignorant until you learn.

Ignorance they say, is bliss!

When you think about the words peace and safety, what do they mean to you?

Indeed, this life is a journey from Allah ﷻ (As-salam) through Sabil as Salam (Islam) to Dar-us-Salam (Jannah)

truly it is in the remembrance of God that hearts find peace [Qur’an 13:28]

From Nana’s Journal| August 1st 2021

I pray that you find peace in your life. I pray that Allah ﷻ surround’s you with His Sakinah (tranquility). Amin!

P.s – If you want to stand for something cos you are tired of falling for everything. Let’s start working on your values here.

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